Life Coaching

Black Glitter, LLC|Life Coaching Services

Black Glitter, LLC. is here to help you get your life on track! Our ultimate goal is to increase your quality of life by putting you in active pursuit of your own destiny. This process will look different for each client and will require your time and effort. Some questions you may be asking are:

  1. How is Life Coaching different from Counseling? Life coaching can be more goal driven than counseling typically is. Counselors do work towards goals with clients, but they also incorporate the processing of emotions, past trauma, and mental health services. Life Coaching is more focused on the action of reaching those goals and helping you begin taking those steps. Life Coaches are also more personal than a counselor may be. You will notice that they disclose more personal information and opinions than a counselor would.
  2. How does it work? As your life coach, I will meet with you to discuss what your goals are and help you develop an effective plan for reaching those goals. This will be an ongoing coaching relationship until you are satisfied with where you are in the process of meeting your goals.
  3. Who needs a life coach? A life coach is a great decision for someone who feels stuck in life and is not sure where to go next, someone who has a vision but can’t seem to get that vision into action, someone who feels unmotivated to reach their goals, and even someone who feels they cannot get ahead due to financial reasons.
  4. Are you my Counselor? No. I am a Licensed Associate Professional Counselor, however that is not my role as your Life Coach. If counseling is needed I will refer you to the appropriate counselor in your area to address your needs.

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